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IBM Presentation

IBM Presentation — April 19, 2016 — 7 pm — Showker 108
Topics of Presentation
IBM Global Business Services
Consulting by Degrees
Jeno Pizarro (JMU ’12 Econ) and Caitlin Anderson (UVA ’12 Econ)
  • Working on an FDA project
  • review priority drugs through a service called JumpStart
  • audit submissions for fraud and data quality issues
Austin Ford (JMU ’15 Technical Writing and CIS)
  • works on TSA Secure Flight project
About IBM:
  • Recent Apple + IBM partnership: develop more than 100 MobileFirst iOS apps
  • Safety Inspect
  • Incident Reports
  • Fly Now
  • Transforming Healthcare
    • Watson Clinical Trial Matching
    • Watson for Oncology
Consulting by Degrees (two year program for entry level consultants)
Leadership and development program
IBM Baton Rouge Facility
email to with subject “Baton Rouge JMU”
Sydney Brun is the person to contact
Q and A:
Favorite thing about consulting: Having a schedule
Interaction with Watson: Not so much with FDA but if so, it would be taking the output, refining it, helping clients understands it
IBM Watson potentially being your doctor in the future: decision support for doctors, could potentially be used to assist in underserved areas
Consulting by Degree tailored to a project or rotation (overview): not trying multiple projects
Going public vs commercial: Recruit for public at JMU, commercial is possible but unlikely. Transition or going to commercial in general is a selective process
Traveling: Public sector consultants won’t travel much, and even if so you won’t go to a desirable location
Being a top performer: recruit, work on business proposals, volunteer, do all your assignments well regardless of how mundane it seems
Key Takeaways:
  • Search for your internships and jobs early in the Fall, deadlines will approach sooner than you think
  • Regardless of how boring your first job is, do it extremely well to build your reputation, or social capital
  • Network often, especially if you want to work in the commercial sector, it is very difficult to be selected for a position there

Protiviti Presentation

Protiviti Presentation — Feb 23, 2016 — 7 pm — Showker 108


Callie and Graham

About Protiviti and IT Consulting

Protiviti Site

  • IT Consulting involves a lot of collaboration and problem solving. In IT consulting, as a consultant, you will be working with a team from your company, collaborating with them on a project. That project will be to help another company solve its information technology issues. These problems could range from database administration issues, query issues, data transfers, infrastructure or architecture problems, and more. It’s important to be able to work in a team because the job will involve being with and talking with people a lot. It may comprise of traveling to the firm’s offices as well in order to solve their problems.
  • A day in the life of an IT Consultant could look something like the following. In the morning, at the beginning of the day, you will map out your transportation to make sure you won’t be late in going to your client’s office. It’s common knowledge that being late is unprofessional so you want to clarify the logistics with your team members and meet your client on time. Once you meet your client, you will begin an interview in which you will ask questions to understand the problem. These questions must be open ended because as Graham and a volunteer exemplified, it is difficult to come to a conclusion or straight answer if you ask only “yes or no” questions. You want to get as specific as possible with your client so you can be of great value to them. After the client meeting, you could likely plan a community outreach event because it’s always good to help out the community and that keeps the company’s name in a good light. The client meeting really will be the chunk of your day and once the day is over, you might go enjoy happy hour with your colleagues.
  • There are certain characteristics a professional must have to succeed as an IT Consultant. Some of those include being flexible, proactive, supportive, cooperative, and enthusiastic. Flexibility would really depend on the situation but I am willing to make sacrifices in order to help my client.

Key Takeaways:

  • Know how to work with people
  • Ask open ended questions to pinpoint client’s problem
  • Think about your personality and if you could be a fit for consulting

Career Fair Advice from Dr. Dillon

Here are the slides from Dr. Dillon’s presentation tonight. Hope these help you make the Career Fair a success!

Attending the Career Fair Spring 2016 Presentation

Deloitte Presentation 10/1/2015

Deloitte Meeting Minutes

What Do Consultants Do:

-Provide advice through impartial analysis and expertise

-Develop executable strategies

-Driving positive operational change

-Transferring knowledge and skills

-Create and protect value for clients

-Tackling core, macro business challenge

-Leverage analytics and smart technology-enabled solutions

-Manage performance improvement

Why Do Companies Hire Consultants:

Skills and knowledge outside client competency

External objectivity when internal resources are faced with difficult decisions

-Project delivery support to augment productivity of client personnel

-Innovative solutions and perspectives or “outside of the box” thinking to develop more effective solutions

Consulting Example:

Transportation Security Administration released a new checkpoint technology. Advanced Imaging Technology faced major problem. Public Criticism and controversy over privacy of machine

Consultants brought their skills and experience from previous engagements, trainings and methodologies to help the TSA

Deloitte team conducted numerous analyses to identify the best response for the TSA to this issue. Assisted the agency in the identification and procurement of new AIT machines that mitigated the privacy concerns as well as continued to manage risks that the TSA may face with these new machines.

Why Consulting Might Be Right For You:

Education: Graduates of top universities and strong performances, able to learn and think critically about a problem

Skills: Strongly capable of qualitatively and quantitatively analyzing complex issues, interested in taking initiative and filling leadership roles, creative and thought provoking problems solvers, able to learn quickly and process information

Experience: Demonstrate motivation through previous internships, active in campus or external organizations with leadership roles

Personality Traits: able to be flexible in dynamic environment, comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity, able to be professional and confident in all situations

Coursework Applications in Consulting:

Class group projects, homework and exams, no procrastination, extra curricular activities, study class materials and perform well on exams, research papers, project presentations, picking major or field

All these tasks are applicable when consulting. There is a lot of teamwork involved and problem solving with your team. Oral communication is key. You will meet with Client and Deloitte internal team to present information about the project.

Opportunities at Deloitte:

4 Leading Businesses:

Advisory & Consulting (Consultants) Audit and Tax

-Deloitte Advisory:

-Financial Transactions

-Risk & Resilience

-Regulatory, Forensics & Compliance


Full time job seniors: Oct. 4

Federal Technology Summer Scholar Internship: Oct 25

Open to all majors!


Questions about Tech Consulting: Lindsey Bryant

Questions about Advisory: Christa D’Amico



Interview Skills Workshop

Thanks to everyone who came out to our Interview Skills Workshop!  Attached is the PowerPoint from the presentation Interview Skills Workshop

Thank you KPMG!

unnamedThank you to the representatives of KPMG for coming out tonight and giving an awesome presentation! Also, we want to thank you for staying after the presentation to talk with students and answer any further questions. Speaking of students, we want to thank those who came to the meeting tonight, we hope to see you in future events!

Interest Meeting 9/7/15

Hey everyone!

Come out to the AIS Interest Meeting on Monday, September 7th at 7:00 pm in Showker 107. You will have a chance to sign up for our club, meet the executive members, and learn what great opportunities AIS can give you for your career! Hope to see you all there.

Officer Interest Meeting 3/24/2015

An OFFICER INTEREST MEETING will be held tonight from 7:00 – 7:30 pm in Showker G3! Please come if you are thinking about becoming apart of the Exec board for next year!

PwC coming – 2/24/15

PricewaterCoopers (PwC) is coming to do a presentation tonight at 7 p.m. in Showker room 103! Come by for a great opportunity to network with a fantastic company!

KPMG Presentation: 1/27/2015

KPMG will be having a presentation tonight at 7 pm in Showker G2! Come by for a great networking opportunity and a great chance to learn about the company!!

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