Cyber Day Spring 2018

Cyber Day is an event hosted by the College of Business that AIS volunteers at every semester. At Cyber Day, a local middle school class is brought to campus to learn how to use a software and to tour around campus. Our Career advisor, Dr. Dillion, runs the program and an AIS member leads the presentation. This year Patrick Moran lead the presentation on an animation software called Alice. The other AIS volunteers walked around the room during the presentation and helped the children when they were stuck or needed assistance. The students enjoyed making their characters and animating them to make a movie. The students were able to save their movies and they were also shown how to download the software and make their own movies at home. After the presentation Dr. Dillion lead the students on a tour of the campus and lead them to our dinning hall where they had lunch. When they returned to the class room, we had a presentation on what it is like to be a CIS major at JMU, informed the students on where a career in IS could take them, and what CIS scholarships are available to them.