Cyber Day Fall 2018

Cyber Day is an event hosted by the College of Business that AIS volunteers at every semester. At Cyber Day, a local middle school class is brought to campus to learn how to use a software and to tour around campus. This semester Dr. Mitri and Professor Lough ran the program. Dr. Mitri lead the presentation on an animation software called Alice,. The kids learned how to set up a scene and to use block code to animate their characters. The AIS volunteers walked around the room during the presentation and helped the children when they were stuck or needed assistance. The students enjoyed making their characters and animating them to make a movie. The students were able to save their movies and they were also shown how to download the software and make their own movies at home.  For lunch the students were taking to the new D-Hall.  After lunch Professor Lough ran an innovation activity where the students had to work together to most efficiently carry out a task. In this case it was transporting a frisbee with a coin in it from one side of the room to the other, but this can be translated to many other scenarios.